Project Need

Alberta’s power requirements continue to grow and more generation is needed to meet the increase in demand, especially cleanly-generated electricity. Electricity demand is increasing twice as fast as overall energy use, and Alberta’s peak demand is predicted by the Alberta Electric System Operator to likely rise by more than 22% by 2037.

Natural gas is one of the most affordable, reliable and abundant energy sources in Alberta. Combined cycle power generation facilities have been identified as a viable option to help reduce emissions and provide low carbon, reliable on-demand power.

The development and operations of the Project will play an important role in the local economy by providing jobs during construction that will benefit the local and Indigenous communities, businesses and suppliers, as well as provide a base of additional tax revenue to the Peace River region.

  • The total capital investment associated with the Three Creeks Power Project is anticipated to be approximately $800 million.
  • Contract opportunities will be available for local businesses during construction.
  • Once operations commence, more than 20 direct, long-term skilled jobs will be created in the community.

These benefits will enrich the community throughout the Project’s life, which is expected to be 40 years. At Three Creeks Power, we want to have a strong relationship with the communities in and around our facilities, which is why we strive to be an active corporate citizen. 

Further details regarding employment and procurement opportunities during construction and operations will be provided over the course of the regulatory process.